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2 Oktober 2020

The Sims™ Mobile v23.0.0.102429 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

The Sims Mobile - the legendary series of life simulator migrated to mobile Android-devices. Now you can create a character and play directly on a portable gadget. As always, the beginning is preceded by the creation of the protagonist. Here you can edit anything you want - facial features, the shape of the nose and ears, eyebrows and eyes. There is also the opportunity to dress up the character and bestow accessories. Having created a person with a unique appearance, the user goes to conquer the virtual world.

In use, the hero will have a small house filled with all necessary amenities. Moreover, most furniture and interior items are not just standing, but are used for their intended purpose. So, on the bed a person will sleep, and in the wardrobe - to store clothes. Gradually, you need to add new elements of interior decoration for even greater convenience.

To buy food, clothes and other items, as in real life, money is needed. Therefore, the sim must definitely get a job and move up the career ladder. You also need to build relationships with neighbors, friends and soulmate. The Sims Mobile is an iconic simulator that will delight fans of the series.

- After you complete the training, buy any furniture and get a lot of money!

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APK(MOD): Click Here For Download

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