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31 Oktober 2020

Best Fiends - Free Puzzle Game v8.6.6 (MOD, Unlimited Gold)

Best Fiends - Free Puzzle Game - A classic three-in-one puzzle game for Android devices. The player is invited to lead a squad of brave insects and go into battle with representatives of an alien fauna that captured the valley. The gameplay is quite standard for this kind of project. The user must interact with objects on the playing field, collecting three or more elements in a row.

A small area above is reserved for events. Upon successful completion of levels, it displays the development of the plot of the confrontation between the parties to the conflict. This is done colorfully and with fiction. There are also several colorful characters with certain abilities. For example, a green bug can drop a bomb on the playing field.

After passing the stage, a certain amount of virtual currency falls into the account, with which you can pump the skills of the heroes to more successfully complete the next levels. Best Fiends is a great example of a high-quality logic game, seasoned with an interesting storyline with catchy characters. It will appeal to all lovers to strain gyrus.

- There will be more gold when you spend it

Link Download:
APK(MOD): Click Here For Download

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