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26 April 2020

Mini Racing Adventures v1.22.1 (MOD, Unlimited Coins)

Mini Racing Adventures - cute racing on small cars along mini-tracks with the ability to upgrade the performance of cars and open new tracks. The main character of the game is cartoon Martin. It can be chased in several modes, such as single race, shadow race, unequal competition. There is also multiplayer, in which competitions are held with real players.

Management is implemented very conveniently. The player can customize it to his taste by putting the gas and brake pedals either on one side of the display, or on different sides. It is also possible to control the machine in flight. In the race for success, a certain amount of game currency is given, which must be spent on upgrading the vehicle. Without upgrades, the passage of some routes becomes impossible.

Along the way, the user will encounter many obstacles and insurmountable obstacles. It is worth noting that when driving fuel is consumed, which is located in certain places on the road and which still need to be reached. Mini Racing Adventures - exciting racing with a side view that can help pass the time.

- A lot of money

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