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16 Desember 2020

City Island 5 - Tycoon Building v3.4.2 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

City Island 5 - Tycoon Building Offline Sim Game - urban development simulator, which is a continuation of the eponymous series of games. In it, the player will be able to prove himself as the mayor and architect. At the disposal of the user will receive a picturesque island, on which he will have to build his own metropolis. At first, the city will not be too big, but systematic work will expand its borders. Expansion will occur due to the construction of residential buildings, factories, shopping centers and other important buildings. Buildings will help to make profit in the city treasury in the future, and this money must be skillfully invested. Also, a gamer will be able to explore on the airship other islands suitable for the construction of new cities.

- A lot of money

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