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8 Oktober 2020

The Sims FreePlay v5.56.0 (MOD, Infinite Money, LP, SP)

The Sims FreePlay - a famous life simulator for android. Electronic Arts made a lot of efforts to ensure that the project came out high-quality and was in no way inferior to the classic version for personal computers. Porting was very successful, and now owners of smartphones and tablets can immerse themselves in virtual life with high-quality graphics and excellent gameplay.

At the initial stage, the user will have to get acquainted in detail with all aspects of the controls and capabilities of the game. For this, the developers have provided a thoughtful training procedure using tips. These lessons smoothly pass into the main gameplay, and there everything already envy of the user's imagination and skills. A big role in character development in The Sims FreePlayThe initial choice of character plays, on which the future fate of the sim depends.

As in the original game, here you need to develop your character and the city in which he lives. Initially, the housing is rather modest, but it is worth making every effort to make it comfortable. In the future, the house can be improved in every way, expanding the living space and acquiring interior items. The game interface is very convenient, all functions are available from the main screen with one click.

The button with goals is located at the bottom right, where the main plans of the protagonist are painted. It is worth observing her very carefully, since failure to fulfill goals greatly affects the mood and satisfaction of the characters. And vice versa, for accomplished achievements the player receives all kinds of bonuses and financial rewards.

The graphics in the game are similar to the original Sims, but the control, of course, had to be adapted to the screens of mobile devices. All actions are performed by touches and gestures, which the user will know literally at the very beginning. To summarize, it is worth noting that despite the loss of a large number of functions and features, The Sims FreePlay is a high-quality simulator for mobile devices with good graphics and amazing optimization.

1. Endless lifestyle glasses
2. Endless social glasses
3. Endless simoleons

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