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13 Oktober 2020

Shadow Fight 2 v2.7.1 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Shadow Fight 2 - an excellent fighting game for android in accordance with all the canons of the genre. You will go a long way as a warrior, defeating many dangerous enemies. According to the plot, the protagonist was influenced by a mysterious force that made him an unnamed shadow. For the sake of saving the world, he needs to lock the Gates of Shadows forever, having first defeated all opponents trying to prevent this noble goal.

The game world is divided into six provinces led by local bosses. It will not be easy to get to each of them, since all the leaders contain their own armies of inveterate thugs. However, you can fight not only with the main plot enemies, but also with participants in local tournaments in order to earn extra money and increase your rank. With the money received, weapons and armor are purchased.

Shadow Fight 2 features excellent character animation. Due to the variety of smoothly drawn strokes, the battle looks spectacular and spectacular. Physics is also spelled out with dignity; it brings a substantial share of realism to the game. Backs are made in a minimalist style, without distracting the player from participating in a fierce battle.

Management is reduced to a virtual joystick and two keys. However, despite the apparent simplicity, the protagonist has a wide arsenal of attacks and combos. They are performed using the sequential use of the above buttons. A character can become stronger thanks to weapons and armor. They appear and are bought in the process of passing the game.

So, the continuation of Shadow Fight 2proved extremely successful. If we talk about the shortcomings, it is worth noting the best responsiveness of management, as well as donat, without which the complexity of passing increases several times. The game should be recommended to seasoned fans of the genre.

- A lot of money

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