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21 Desember 2020

Stick War: Legacy v2020.2.153 (MOD, Unlimited Diamonds)

Stick War: Legacy is a strategy in which you have to control an army of thin men - stickman. This hero is very popular and has visited many games of different genres. Now he got to the strategies. The main task here is the seizure of territories, the creation and improvement of the settlement and the army.

There are three difficulty levels, depending on which the gameplay becomes easier or harder. As in any other similar strategy, here it is necessary to create a camp, recruit troops and labor, and also obtain resources. There are also story quests for which gold and experience are accumulated. You also need to fend off enemy raids and make attacks yourself. The player must not only show the talents of a politician and commander, but also modernize the armament of soldiers for the most successful course of battles.

Timely upgrade of skills and weapons will give an undeniable advantage in the fight against adversaries. Stick War: Legacy is a great example of a strategy that combines familiar gameplay with unusual characters. Such a mixture will appeal to lovers of the genre and fans of games about thin men.

- You can make purchases even in the absence of diamonds;
- When shopping, the number of diamonds increases.

Link Download:
APK(MOD): Click Here For Download

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