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12 Januari 2021

Subway Surfers v2.11.0 (MOD, Unlimited Coins/Keys)

Subway Surfers is an entertaining android application for various age categories, which is perfect for “killing time” when traveling by public transport or at work.

The gameplay is very simple and intuitive. It is only necessary to control the selected character, jumping from the platform to the railway, avoiding a collision with the trains rushing towards at full speed. The further you manage to run, the faster the speed and pace of the level becomes. It is also important that the evil guard with the dog could not catch the hero, otherwise the round will end immediately and you will have to score points from scratch. Along the way, the user needs to collect gold coins, for which you can buy a huge amount of all kinds of bonuses in the store.

As an improvement, you can buy a skateboard that gives you the “right to make a mistake”, chests with a bunch of pleasant surprises (for example, “points multiplier” or “mega-start”). In addition, in Subway Surfers there are many characters for every taste, such as the funny guy Jake, the mischievous girl in the red hat of Tricky, the brutal rocker Spike or the lover of hip-hop culture Fresh.

Toy developers release monthly updates that change the location and the opportunity to enjoy the vastness of the largest cities in the world - Tokyo, Peru, Paris, New York, Beijing and Moscow. Every day, new interesting missions and tasks are added, for example, to do somersault twenty times along the central path or spell words. On Subway Surfers High Scores You can publish them in the high score table via social networks Facebook or Twitter.

- A lot of coins and keys, everything is open

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APK(MOD): Click Here For Download

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