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22 Juli 2020

8 Ball Pool v4.9.1 (MOD, Long Lines)

8 Ball Pool - a modern billiard simulator for android. This application provides the ability to play the popular subspecies of the American Pool-8. Game development studio is engaged in Miniclip, which gained its fame thanks to such hits as Plague Inc . and Rail Rush .

This type of billiards has special rules for the game. A player who breaks a pyramid with two types of balls - striped and monophonic is absolutely randomly determined. The first user to drive the ball into the pocket determines the type of balls for both opponents. Participants must drive only their balls, otherwise a point is counted towards the opponent. The last ball to be scored must be black.

To score the “eight” in any other interval of the match is tantamount to losing, so you should be extremely careful. A certain time is allocated for the execution of the move in 8 Ball Pool , the indicator of which is displayed near the nickname on the top panel. It is not worth delaying, because if you do not complete the blow in the allotted time, the move automatically passes to the enemy. In the mobile version of this wonderful game, some points have been changed. So, here there is the concept of "ordering a pocket", when the user designates the hole in which he is going to put the ball. In the most difficult tournaments, there is no drawing of the trajectory of the ball.

Management in the application is thought out and understandable, you can get used to it literally from the first minutes of the game. The direction for the strike is set by touching the screen, and the strike itself is carried out using a special indicator in the lower left corner of the screen. In recent versions, developers have added the ability to tighten the ball, which experienced players will appreciate.

To summarize, it should be said that 8 Ball Pool is one of the best representatives of billiards for smartphones and tablets. High-quality implementation of the gameplay and its adaptation to mobile devices allows you to completely immerse yourself in tournaments on one of the most popular games of our time.

- Anti Ban.
- A long line of aiming
(It’s not the full screen length, but the maximum in game standards.
And that’s why they don’t ban you, and the balls are considered).
- In rooms without lines, there are lines! Balls count!

Link Download:
APK(MOD): Click Here For Download

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