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11 Oktober 2020

CSR Racing 2 v2.16.0 (MOD, Free Shopping)

CSR Racing 2 is a new part of a good racing simulator in which the player is again invited to take part in drag races for a quarter of a mile and not only. The developers worked on the quality of the sequel, improving the visual component and animation, thereby departing from the drawn graphics of the original.

The gameplay of the game is not much different from its predecessor: you must successfully start and switch gears in time. At the beginning of a career, a rider is given a car with not the most outstanding characteristics. Nevertheless, this will be enough for a couple of initial competitions. Over time, victories will be given more and more difficult, then you will have to resort to upgrades or to buying a new car.

There is also a multiplayer mode in which the opponent is selected randomly. After determining the bets, the race begins, the winner of which takes everything. This way you can earn money, but this is constantly interrupted by constantly running out of fuel, which then recovers for a long time. CSR Racing 2 is a good continuation of the racing series of games, which is performed at a higher level and will be enjoyed by a fan of virtual racing competitions.

1. car costs 3-Cash 3-Gold
2. Jerry unlocked
3. No time to demand
4. All cars unlocked
5. Cars 5 IAP / Cars bosses / Cars FF8 / Hidden cars
6. If you buy with cash, you will get yellow stars
7. If you buy for gold, you will receive Purple Stars
8. live races if banned
9. No start button
10. Free shipping
11. Fit stage 6 free
12. All stages unlocked
13. Free Dyno
14. 4000RP per race completed (win or lose)
15. 1000RP per fusion
16. 1000RP per purchase update
17. 1000RP per car purchase
18. Can see another point Evo has live racing
19. Can clean any car
20. You can sell any car
21. Enter an event with any car (without restrictions)
22. You can set up any car
23. free boxes
24. Livery When buying with cash
25. Fusion parts are not reduced
26. Replace Tempest Locked Car with 3 gold
27. garage headlights always on
28 Unlimited Fuel
29. Money does not decrease
30. Gold does not decrease
31. Keys do not decrease
32. Wildcard 300%
33. Delete Fusion 3 gold (we still got # 30)
34. adjust the price of 1 gold
35. fast EPs when setting
36. Can Max Zoom in / Reduce

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