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20 Oktober 2020

Dead Target: Zombie v4.49.1.2 (MOD, Gold/Cash)

In 2040, CS became the leading medical drug manufacturer worldwide. They conduct their experiments in prisons for prisoners. The execution of the state order for the production of super-soldiers was disrupted and now one of the prisons in which the experiments were conducted is in quarantine due to infection with the zombie virus.

The protagonist of the zombie apocalypse game is the game: DEAD TARGET - ZOMBIE - one of the specialists in solving complex issues. Its task is to eliminate all the consequences, find out the cause and suggest ways to solve the problem. Using a firearm or any other means.

Zombie Apocalypse Game: DEAD TARGET - ZOMBIEbeautiful shooter-shooting game. Your character stands in one place and fires from a variety of weapons on no less diverse types of zombies. It all starts with a simple pistol and slow zombie prisoners, and ends with heavy weapons, without it it is very difficult to destroy monsters in which there is very little human left.

Two important points:
Look around. Zombies will try to surround the fighter.
Remember the cartridges. They end at the most inopportune moment.

- Unlimited Gold
- Unlimited Cash

Link Download:
APK(MOD): Click Here For Download

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