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26 Februari 2020

Gangstar Vegas v4.6.0i (MOD, Unlimited Money & VIP)

Gangstar Vegas is a cool action game for android. The main character will go on an unforgettable adventure in the capital of slot machines - Las Vegas. There he will plunge into the atmosphere of crime and gang warfare. The player will play for a young fighter without rules. The guy’s task was to lose for the money in the next battle, but it happened differently, and now the head of the mafia has a grudge against him. To be saved, the guy must work out the money, and maybe even more.

This game can be called a kind of continuation of GTA, but the graphics here are one level higher. Also of the differences can be noted the change in weather conditions and the impressive size of the location. This action game will appeal to fans of the good old GTA, because it has the same huge and open world, an addictive plot, and you can just wander around the city in search of adventure.

Management at Gangstar Vegascarried out using touch buttons and a gyroscope. There is also a virtual joystick and various buttons that will be responsible for the functions of shooting, running, and, of course, capturing other people's cars. In general, the control is slightly unusual and you will have to get used to it a little, but if you have at least a little experience in such games, this will happen quite easily and quickly. The function of tying to a goal will help to facilitate management; it is convenient not only for fist fighting, but also for shooting.

Thanks to the new HAVOK engine, the driving of cars and all related events was realistically detailed, that is, falls, car skidding on the road, and detailing of various tricks that can be performed on special routes located outside the city.

The disadvantages of Gangstar Vegascan be attributed a short storyline: the passage takes about 4-5 hours. Well, it is worth noting the fact that the game is too demanding on the resources of the system, and it is unlikely that users of weak smartphones and tablets will be able to enjoy this masterpiece.

- Unlimited Money

NOTE: If this device is installed on your device, or games from Gameloft, and it gives an error when downloading, uninstall it and reinstall it.

ATTENTION : If you get an error on checking the license, you need to start downloading the original game on Google Play and when it is 1-2% cancel it. This method works in all cases with this error, not counting paid games. The cache will load automatically!

ATTENTION: Run the game without the Internet !!! Otherwise there will be a BAN !!!

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