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11 Oktober 2020

Hungry Shark Evolution v8.0.6 (MOD, Unlimited Coins)

Hungry Shark Evolution is an Android game whose gameplay is vaguely reminiscent of the Jaw movie, where a bloodthirsty shark preys on humans. Thanks to the application, it is possible to visit the skin of a fierce sea predator, unless, of course, you are not confused by such a role.

First, a young and inexperienced fish is available to the player. It is known that a shark dies if it stops moving, but no less does it need food. Therefore, our main goal is to eat all kinds of marine life. In this case, one must be wary of inedible and frankly dangerous creatures, such as jellyfish, poisonous fish and other sharks, which have been extinct to impressive sizes. At a time when your ward is left without food, she begins to lose vitality.

Hungry shark evolutionIt has an extremely simple control: after pressing the display, a virtual joystick appears, directing the movement of the shark. The game has a very realistic physics, predatory fish smoothly turns and maneuvers.

The experience of a predator increases as it eats prey. Over time, the shark can increase almost to the size of a megalodon. After some time, various people find themselves in the sea: divers, fishermen, gape bathers. With proper dexterity, a person can be grabbed even ashore, and then hastily swim back. It is worth noting that the game is extremely bloody, but this is quite normal for a kind of shark simulator.

Hungry Shark Evolution - a dynamic arcade game, able to interest the player in the event that he is not frightened off by the cruelty of what is happening.

- Unlimited Money

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