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2 Agustus 2020

Jurassic Survival v2.7.0 (MOD, Free Craft)

Jurassic Survival is a multiplayer game in which the user must survive in a world full of dinosaurs. The main character will not only resist the prehistoric dinosaurs, but also look for food, build a shelter and explore the territory. To more successfully resist predators, it is necessary to unite in clans and arrange a real hunt. But you need to be careful when choosing comrades, because they can not only help, but also leave the hero to be torn to pieces by a tyrannosaurus or a fanged tiger.

Fashion Information:
- Duplication of an item (divide the item to get more)
- Free craft (Craft without the necessary items)
- Free construction (assembly without the necessary items)
- No building requirements
- Free update (Update without the necessary items)
- Endless weapons durability
- Endless armor durability
- Fast travel on the map
- First aid kits in the slot do not end

Link Download:
APK(MOD): Click Here For Download

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