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21 November 2020

Knife Hit v1.8.10 (MOD, Free Shopping)

Knife Hit is a casual arcade game in which the user will throw knives. The gameplay here is quite simple: there is a log in the section on the screen - knives will need to be launched into it. To pass the level, you need to chop wood. At each stage, there are also apples that act as currencies. Getting into them, you can earn money for new knives. It is worth noting that the log constantly rotates at different speeds and in different directions, so you need to wait for the moment to throw. There are also boss fights. Minimalistic graphics, nice animation, convenient controls and addictive gameplay will help to pass a couple of minutes of free time.

- Buy everything for coins, even when they are not!

Link Download:
APK(MOD): Click Here For Download

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