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25 November 2020

Shadow Fight 3 v1.23.0 (MOD, Freezing Enemy)

Shadow Fight 3 is the third part of the well-known fighting game genre series, which definitely has reached a new level both in terms of technical performance and in terms of gameplay. Before starting, the user will have to choose one of the classes - the so-called dynasties. The character’s combat style will depend on this choice. As in the previous parts, the passage will be accompanied by daily quests and missions. The system of pumping a character, weapons and receiving new combat techniques that are unique to each fighting style has remained unchanged. When switching to shadow mode, new tricks also become available.

The innovation that the players were waiting for was the multiplayer mode. Battles take place in real time with users from different parts of the world. Adds twists to the game and the fact that it now has full 3D graphics, unlike the previous parts, made in 2D with a side view. Voluminous are not only characters, but also locations where fights take place. Such innovations should please the old fans of the series and win new ones. Shadow Fight 3 is an excellent fighting game that can compete with such mastodons of the genre as Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter.

- Use the MOD Menu only after completing the training! There is a chance to get a lock!
- To freeze the enemy: when the enemy jumps hit him and he will freeze. If you jump and get hit in a jump, you will freeze too!

Link Download:
APK(MOD): Click Here For Download

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