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17 Oktober 2020

Tap Titans 2 v3.14.15 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Tap Titans 2 – crush-the arcade, giving you the opportunity to come together in a battle against the greatest monsters. Gameplay is a battle with various enemies. It is only necessary to press the screen in order to brave the main character was hitting villains. Happen faster than pressing, the faster the character slashes a sword and kills demons. Killing one monster it takes place instantly following. As you progress to fight side by side with the hero will become helpers, which will inflict some damage.

For the massacre of every monster is given in-game currency that immediately need to spend on improving combat performance and health of the main character and his assistants, because the enemies with each new level becoming stronger. Also in battle you can use superpowers that spend mana. Over time it is restored.

Graphics pleasing to the eye. A huge variety of monsters and the periodic change of locations are not bored from the monotonous gameplay. The soundtrack and sound effects beats perfectly complement the atmosphere of the game. Tap Titans 2 is one of the best representatives of their genre and are able to captivate for a long time.

- Coins Increase when you Spend!

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