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6 Oktober 2020

Zombie Age 3: Survival Rules v1.7.3 (MOD, Unlimited Money/Ammo)

Zombie Age 3 is a cool action movie that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world that survived the invasion of zombies. The user will take control of one of the few surviving heroes. His family and friends turned into the walking dead, so the character’s only desire is to clear the city of hordes of zombies.

To destroy the infected, a huge arsenal of cold steel and firearms, as well as explosives, is useful. You need to control the hero with the help of a virtual joystick and a pair of buttons responsible for shooting and attacking with melee weapons. The interface is supplemented by a health scale and additional items that the character has in his bosom. For successful completion of missions, gold is given, which can be spent in between battles to train a fighter or to buy equipment.

The graphic component is a hallmark of the game. It is made in a cartoon style, and it looks quite extraordinary. All of the above makes Zombie Age 3 a very unusual project that stands out from other representatives of the zombie apocalypse theme.

- Unlimited Money
- Infinite Ammo

Link Download:
APK(MOD): Click Here For Download

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