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9 Maret 2020

Fruit Ninja v2.8.5 (MOD, Unlimited Currency)

Fruit Ninja , undoubtedly, is one of the most recognizable Android games. Since the application’s launch in 2010, more than 20 million users from all over the world have tested it. The program is often mentioned in parodies, television shows and various jokes. Our hero, as the name implies, is a nameless ninja who decided to use his skills for peaceful purposes. You have to cut the fruits that appear on the display. A gamer can prove himself in several types of games: classic, arcade, online mode, and so on. zen mode.

In the classic, the player has three lives that disappear if the fruit touches the floor. From time to time, bombs appear in the sky. They must be avoided, otherwise the level will have to be reloaded. You can cut fruit with one finger or several, depending on how the user is more comfortable. For shredding several products with one hit, more points are awarded. After a hundred fruits, the player is given a bonus life.

In arcade mode, your task is different. Bombs do not kill, but deprive you of a dozen points. Falling fruit on the floor also does not entail serious consequences. The gamer is required to chop as many products as possible in sixty seconds. At the very end, garnet materializes. It must be frantically chopped to get a lot more points.

Fruit ninjain Zen mode, he offers selflessly chopping ingredients, removing all unpleasant conventions (bombs and fines for dropping), except for a limit of 90 seconds. This type of game is perfect for competing with friends. Points earned can be spent on improvements.

The developers also added a network mode in which your fruits are indicated in one color, and the opponent's fruits in another. It is possible to play on one display, which is divided in half. Fruit Ninja has gained well-deserved popularity thanks to an exciting and thoughtful gameplay. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with this application.

- A lot of golden apples
- A lot of carambola

Run without the Internet

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