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10 November 2020

MORTAL KOMBAT X v3.0.1 (MOD, God Mode)

MORTAL KOMBAT X - the tenth anniversary of the legendary fighting game has now come to Android devices. The mobile version does not tell the plot, but it can be found in the original. Here, the player is invited to pass tower by tower and with the help of selected fighters to defeat the opponent’s squads. In the very first battle, Scorpio and Sab Zero will clash. Here, fans of console and PC versions of the games in this series may be disappointed in the ease of management, but it is most adapted for touch displays.

Game mechanics are similar to those of Injustice. Simple taps on the screen initiate standard hits. When you press the display with two fingers, a block is placed. Combo strikes become available when you accumulate the right amount of energy and are carried out using certain gestures. Each battle involves three fighters. If one of them is already breathing in the air, it is worth calling the other, so as not to lose the fight and continue the battle. In between fights, you need to pump the skills of members of the squad.

In technical terms, everything is done perfectly. Excellent three-dimensional graphics are pleasing to the eye. This is especially true of colorful combos. The voice acting also did not disappoint, all the sounds of blows and exclamations of the opponents were made great. MORTAL KOMBAT X - An excellent fighting game adapted for mobile devices, which will appeal to fans of the genre.

- You can use your special skills without delay
- Use special techniques without waiting!

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