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3 Mei 2020

Angry Birds 2 v2.40.3 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Angry Birds 2 - the second part of the legendary series of games about the confrontation of birds and pigs. Since the first part of the gameplay has not changed dramatically. After the introductory video explaining the essence of the conflict, the player is sent to the global map with marked levels. In each mission, it is necessary, with the help of a squad of birds and a slingshot, to destroy the fortresses and buildings in which the green opponents are seated. The larger the scale of destruction, the more the pogrom scale is filled, and the more stars for completing the task given.

It is important to remember that the game is primarily a puzzle, so you need to use the special abilities of the birds in time and take into account what material pigs are made of. A variety of objects will also help, increasing the likelihood of destroying opponents: explosives, balls, supporting structures that are easiest to break through.

Graphics done at the original level. The visual component is still good and colorful. At the same level, sound is also made. It is impossible without a smile to listen to funny voice-over music and exclamations of characters. Angry Birds 2 is an example of a sequel that holds the high bar set by the first part. The game will appeal to both fans of the original and all puzzle lovers.

- A lot of money

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