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2 Oktober 2020

Drag Racing v1.10.2 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Drag Racing is a drag racing simulator in which the player is invited to feel like the king of racing in the direct distance. The main menu meets the future rider in several modes, among which there is a single race, tournaments, career mode and multiplayer, where you can drive with real rivals. The gameplay is straightforward: for a successful start, you need to keep the speedometer needle in a certain area, and during the race you must switch gears on time.

In career mode, tuning of the appearance and upgrade of the engine and other drive systems is available. Details are acquired in game currency, which accumulates as a result of successful races. Painting and exterior decoration of the car will help to stand out on the track, and new parts - to win again and again. The game has an impressive fleet of real-life cars. You can ride on the night streets of the metropolis on models of BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc. The

graphics and sound are made at a decent level. Excellent drawing of cars and tracks, as well as incendiary soundtrack play on the atmosphere of night racing. Drag Racing is an excellent representative of its genre, which will appeal to fans of games of this orientation.

- A lot of Money

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