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23 Oktober 2020

Real Racing 3 v8.8.2 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Real Racing 3 is the continuation of the famous series of racing games for Android from FireMonkey and Electronic Arts. The previous part was warmly received by the fans and gathered a lot of positive reviews, but the new part caused a lot of questions.

The problem is that the developers decided to move away from the old distribution scheme of the application - a one-time purchase. Now the game is available in the Free2Play model. It would seem that relative free should be good news. The nuances lie in the implementation. After each update, the gamer has to wait for the delivery of spare parts. The higher the level, the longer the wait, it can last up to 12 hours. And cars need to be repaired, for which virtual auto mechanics also need time. If you do not want to wait, pay the money.

The mechanics and physics have not undergone any special changes, in addition to the fact that it is now easier to enter turns. The new part of the game has become more arcade. In Real Racing 3 there is no full-fledged multiplayer, here the place of real gamers is replaced by a computer.

The graphics are very good, but not optimized enough. The application sometimes slows down even on powerful mobile devices. But this was not all. Textures tend to disappear, the driver inside the cabin merges with it in a single color, the main menu is full of pink. However, in the latest updates all these bugs have been fixed.

Real racing 3 It is worth recommending to those who have not played in the previous parts of the series. Despite a number of shortcomings, the game is able to please the virtual racer with high-quality graphics, a fairly realistic engine and a large collection of licensed cars.

- R $ 30 million and 15,000 helmets (if there are more, the account can be banned)
- Some cars were bought - level 1000
- A weak bot is always a victory
- MOD can delete your past save!

Link Download:
APK(MOD): Click Here For Download

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