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8 April 2020

Smash Hit Premium v1.4.3 (MOD, Many Balls)

Smash Hit is an interesting and addictive arcade game for android . The action takes place in a fantastic space filled with a variety of glassy figures. The annex provides a first-person view. The graphics are extremely minimalistic, but everything looks neat and atmospheric.

In fact, metal balls are the basis for your survival. If their supply is exhausted, the game itself ends. You fly through a futuristic space to a pleasant electronic music, not being able to move in one direction or another.

On your way there will be all kinds of obstacles that need to be destroyed by throwing the ball. Some of them are standing motionless in front of you, others abruptly jump out, others rotate or move, forcing them to make a quick decision - is it worth spending a precious shell, if the obstacle can not touch the gamer. In addition, it is necessary to periodically open special gates, which is carried out by a well-aimed throw to the switch. Collision with any vitreous figure or door will result in the loss of ten balls.

In Smash Hit, the replenishment of the balls occurs due to getting into special crystals. There are special bonuses (time dilation, fan throwing balls), which can be obtained by hitting the corresponding icon.

Control points are scattered throughout the game world, but you can return to them only in the Premium version, which, in addition, adds new modes to the application. Summing up, it is worth noting that Smash Hit is a high-quality and original project, for which there were no significant shortcomings.

- In the upper right corner click "Get premium version", then click "restore purchase". Done!
- Many Balls

Link Download:
APK(MOD): Click Here For Download

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