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19 Juli 2020

Traffic Rider v1.70 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

In Traffic Rider, the new Android game from Zuuks Games, you regain the ability to race at breakneck speeds on the autobahns and city roads. However, completely different means of transportation are now offered - you can ride a scooter, or feel like a dashing biker. This opens up new perspectives for gameplay, for example, it is convenient to maneuver between traffic flows on a motorcycle, which significantly adds drive.

You have to create your own racing career, having initially only a simple scooter, which with a creak gives up to 100 kilometers per hour, but in the future you will be able to purchase truly powerful “iron” horses. The game compares favorably with competitors (the list of which can be compared with the volume of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia) with interesting modes and sub-modes, in accordance with the racing style, the type of tasks, the difficulty level and the scale of the award.

Another undoubted advantage is the variety of bright and memorable locations, which, moreover, live their own lives: there is a change in the time of day, the weather is changing. One of the more interesting modes is called "Route": you need to overcome parts of the route in a certain time. In addition, there are survival modes (until the racer gets into an accident), for a while, and a free mode, which is not focused on earning game currency, but on free races on virtual roads.

You need to do well by making money to buy new bikes and scooters, and to upgrade old ones. Otherwise, it is extremely difficult (or even impossible) to reach the finish line. Traffic riderhas different types of control, among which it will not be difficult for you to choose the most convenient one. In general, this is an excellent racing simulator that worthily continues the efforts of its brother - Traffic Racer.

- A lot of Money

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